sunshine salad bar



To create food thoughtfully and purposefully, in order to nourish the mind and body. 


To nurture our team in order to nourish our community. 


To continue to be in sync with our clients, to anticipate and pre-empt their requirements, forming long term relationships so they can depend on us, rely on us and leave it to us. Our vision is to spread the feeling of well being and trust, by providing a product and service that leaves a lasting impression.

To add value to each meal so that the experience lives beyond the price.



It's what's on the inside that counts

We believe that healthy food should be easily accessible.

Lives are busy, jobs are demanding, time is of the essence and there is never enough of it.

We started Sunshine Salads in February 2002 because we wanted it to be easier for people to make healthy lifestyle choices and be the best version of themselves.

The team of 3 grew to 40 very quickly, our clients drove us to grow our team, our menu and our services.

Our catering service is a specialized one, where every detail is “cut to fit” our clients’ requirements.  And we will stop at nothing until we get it just right for “you”.

” We are a Sunshine Community “. Our ideology centre’s around warmth, well being, nourishment, trust and reliability.